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Our Story

Back in 2016 father and son, Zac and Matt decided to start their own business. This took place in Zac’s back garage. They would be detailing 1 vehicle a night for a couple nights a week.
Slowly, 2 nights a week became 3 and then 4 and then they found themselves working 5 nights a week detailing.
At that time, they had both Matt and Zac’s wives helping out when they were done work and Zac’s kids were in bed.
Then sister Cassie came on board to help, brother-in-law Mike and then sister Brittany.
Next thing you know, they found themselves with a calendar of clients booked 4 weeks in advance.
Grateful, yet overwhelmed they had realized they were at the point where an expansion was necessary.
Matt and Zac decided while talking over family supper and (because sister Brittany kept encouraging them to take the plunge) that it was time to move into a bigger building.
They had found the perfect space for their growing business. October 2019, they moved into their new shop.
Fast forward to now, the shop has doubled in size and employees 8 people, the shop details 3-4 vehicles per day, 2-3 ceramic coatings a week and when time and space warrants it, boats, campers, motorcycles, seadoos and anything really with wheels get the attention they need.
Matt and Zac are so grateful to the community they live in and are so proud of the work that their Pride in Your Ride team does. Through growing pains and the expansion of this business they are overwhelmed with where this business is today.
“We are excited and proud to continue serving the Lakeland for many years to come”
Many Thanks
~Matt & Zac

Meet The PIYR Team


Zachary Fuller


PIYR Imagery-54.JPG

Mike Paulson


PIYR Imagery-31.JPG

Matthew Fuller


PIYR Imagery-56.JPG

Sara Lynn-O'Connor


PIYR Imagery-22.JPG

Dillon Ayers

Shop Manager

PIYR Imagery-49.JPG

Nicole Berg



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